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  1. GSBG to Attend Cultivate 15

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    Golden State Bulb Growers’ Pursuit of Knowledge

    GSBG will be attending the Cultivate 15 event occurring July 11-14, 2015 to keep up with new ideas for success in the market and make connections with other in the growing community.

    Cultivate 15

    Kona: One of GSBG’s New Crops

    Golden State Bulb Growers is committed to quality in their products. A major contribution to upholding this standard comes from learning new ways to progress. There is a wealth of knowledge held by GSBG about how to produce their crops effectively and they are always willing to improve.

    Cultivate 15 is an event designed to share ideas that help growers be successful. According to Greg Schaan of Imperial Nursery, “The education program always includes progressive approaches to improving production results…These changes make us more efficient and profitable.”

    There will be many individuals of the growing community at this event. states, “Every year, nearly 600 companies debut their new plants, products, and business services.” This sizable community provides great opportunity to make connections and learn how to increase success in production.

    GSBG continually looks for new ways to effectively serve their customers by increasing the quality of their products. It is for this reason that they have attended many seminars designed to increase their knowledge and will continue to do so in the future.

    Cultivate 15 will be held in Columbus, Ohio. All interested in the horticulture business are welcome to sign up and attend. Learn more at