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GSBG implements a new Grading Machine for Calla Lilies

This year GSBG purchased a new grading machine for calla lilies that has helped increase uniformity and productivity in their bulb production.  This new system is a statement to GSBG’s commitment to advancement and innovation.

The grading system was purchased from MAF Industries, a company specializing in manufacturing of grading systems for various types of produce. Significant increases in productivity have been achieved by using this grading system.  This has allowed GSBG to eliminate the second shift during the peak season, which is particularly beneficial in light of continually rising labor costs and shortages.

grading machine for calla lilies

Calla Bulb

MAF custom designed the grading machine for calla lilies.  The system uses advanced camera and software technology to determine the size of each tuber and uniformly deliver it to trays for storage and shipping. This design includes modified deliveries and transition points, use of specialized materials and unique software programming.  These features work together to ensure highly accurate sizing without jeopardizing cosmetic quality.

All sections of the machine operate with variable speed drives allowing maximum flexibility in staffing of the system.   The machine also has the ability to adjust to tubers with variable quality characteristics.

The grading system was designed to efficiently handle the quality inspection and re-sizing of product that happens later in the season. GSBG is currently working on fine tuning their system to be able to handle other seasonal crops they produce.

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